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Downtown Live Chiropractic is located on block east of the L.A. Live Center in downtown Los Angeles. It's central location and proximity to public transportation makes it ideal for anyone working or living in the downtown area.

Downtown Live Chiropractic specializes in healing back and neck pain caused or accompanied by herniated discs, sciatica, numbness and tingling, muscle weakness and headaches. Whatever your source of pain, Dr. Levon Nalbandyan can provide the appropriate treatment and care to relieve your symptoms. Injuries to your neck and back and affect all aspects of your daily lifestyle. Stop living in pain and start feeling better!

Dr. Levon is very passionate about being a healthcare provider and strives to ensure that all patients get the care they need for their individual injuries. Every treatment plan is dedicated to the individual along with updates to benefit the patient. Dr. Levon believes that patient education and active care will allow the patient to improve and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Dr. Levon takes a very personalized approach to chiropractic care and ensures that every patient understands the science and purpose behind chiropractic treatments and adjustments.